Flash Animations for Teaching Music History

created by Patricia Gray

The following projects were created as a result of an Associated Colleges of the South Mellon Technology grant. They were created with Macromedia's Flash and require a Flash Player available free of charge at:

Victimae paschali laudes - animated analysis of 11th century sequence

Guidonian Hand - animations of overlapping hexachords; example from Gregorian chant

Medieval Church Modes - animations showing relationship of authentic and plagal modes

Virelai Structure - animations showing the musical structure of "Douce dame jolie" by Machaut

Rondeau Structure - animation showing the musical structure of "Quant j'ay l'espart" by Machaut

Ballade Structure - animation showing musical structure of "Amours me fait desirer" by Machaut

Communion for the Third Sunday in Advent - illustrates the final and the tenor in Mixolydian chant

Changing Function of Gregorian Chant - animation showing plainchant in parallel organum, melismatic organum, Latin motet, and French motet

Eine kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525, Allegro - analysis of form

Evolution of Sonata Form- animated diagrams illustrating sonata from from Scarlatti to late Beethoven

Debussy Prelude Book I, No. 8, La Fille aux cheveux de lin - analysis

Rachmaninoff Vespers- streaming MP3 files synchonized to the musical score