Piano Literature
Frederic Chopin

1. Scriabin's early works were strongly influenced by:
A Beethoven
B Brahms
C Liszt
D Chopin
2. Which three composers are most closely associated with the nocturne?
A Field, Chopin, Debussy
B Schubert, Chopin, Brahms
C Chopin, Liszt, Fauré
D Field, Schubert, Rachmaninoff
3. Which Romantic piano composer is known for his use of hemiola?
A Schubert
B Liszt
C Brahms
D Chopin
4. Which Romantic composer is credited with the creation of the solo piano recital?
A Albéniz
B Mendelssohn
C Chopin
D Liszt
5. Which Chopin works may include a trio?
A mazurkas
B polonaises
C waltzes
D noctures
6.The organization of Chopin's preludes was influenced by:
A Bach
B Beethoven
C Mozart
D von Weber
7. The humoreske, dumky, and polka are associated with which Central European composer?
A Bartók
B Dvorak
C Martinu
D Haas
8. Which of the following composers did pioneering work in the use of the piano as a percussion instrument?
A Scriabin
B Tchaikovsky
C Bartók
D Schoenberg
9. The concept of the "prepared piano" was first associated with:
10. Which Romantic composer can be associated with the rhapsody:

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