Organ Literature and Construction
Test created by David Ramsey, Rhodes College

1. The greatest organ composer of the nineteenth century French school is considered to be:
A Saint-Saëns
B Guilmant
C Franck
D Widor
2. Schmieder catalogue members for Bach's organ preludes and fugues are contained in what group:
A 100's
B 300;s
C 500's
D 600's
3. A location where many important Bach organ works were written is:
A Leipzig
B Munich
C Saarbrucken
D Cologne
4. An important collection of Franck organ compositions is:
A Four Meditations
B Six Preludes
C Five Symphonies
D Three Chorals
5. Healey Willan lived many years in:
A Scotland
B Wales
C Canada
D Switzerland
6.The eighteenth-century composer Daquin is known primarily for the writing of:
A improvisations
B noëls
C fugues
D trios
7. The composer of 'Prélude, Adagio et Choral varié sur Veni Creator' and 'Suite, Opus 5" is:
A Tournemire
B Alain
C Langlais
D Duruflé
8. the incorporation of Hindu rhythms and bird calls are marks of the music of:
A Dupre
B Messiaen
C Benoit
D Guillou
9. Bach chorale preludes on the catechism were placed between the giant E-flat Prelude and the majestic 'St. Anne' Fugue, with the result known as:
ADeutsche Messe
BOrgelbüchlein, Part Two
CPraeludium for the Liturgical Year
DClavierübung, Part Three
10. The English organ composer best known for his psalm preludes is:
ARalph Vaughan Williams
BBenjamin Britten
CHerbert Howells
DHarold Darke
11.Arp Schnitger is a noted:
A organ builder
B arranger of Baroque organ literature
C organ performer
D cataloguer of Mendelssohn organ repertoire
12. The most familiar set of variations on 'My Country, 'tis of thee' by an American composer is:
A Paul Manz
B Gordon Young
C Charles Ives
D Gerald Near
13.Which organ building firm is not located in the United States:
A Holtkamp
B Casavant
C Schantz
D Bedient
14. Which classic composer is best know for organ pieces for mechanical clocks?
A Händel
B Soler
C Haydn
D Mozart
15. Who wrote 'Suite médiévale'?
A Langlais
B Dupre
C Saint-Saëns
D Duruflé
16. In what church did the noted Virgil Fox play for much of his life:
A Trinity, Boston
B Riverside, New York
C Fourth Presbyterian, Chicago
D Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
17. Bach wrote how many trio sonatas for organ?
A 6
B 8
C 10
D 16
18. Chimney, rohr and doppel refer to types of:
A stringsr
B flutes
C reeds
D principals
19. The key of two 'Fantasias" for organ by Mozart is:
CC minor
DF minor
20. How many chorale preludes are contained in the Brahms Op. 122 set?:
21. For his organ compositions Mendelssohn focussed on:
Asuites and fantasies
Bsonatas and preludes
Csymphonies and fugues
Dconcertos and trios
22. A Roman numberal on an organ stop is indicative of a:
23. Organ concerto Opp. 4 and 7 were major contributions of:
24. The very familiar Toccata of Widor is from his Scymphony No.:
25. Tirasse refers to:
Bcrescendo pedal

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