19th and 20th Century Composer Quiz

1. Cyclical development can be associated with all of the following composers except:
A Franck
B Liszt
C Mendelssohn
D Bartok
2. Quartal harmony is associated with which composer?
A Poulenc
B Hindemith
C Ives
D Varese
3. All of the following composers except__________set a ballet in prehistoric times.
A Rameau
B Stravinsky
C Tchaikovsky
D Milhaud
4. Which 20th century composer is primarily identified with the tango?
A Albeniz
B Granados
C Piazzola
D Ginestera
5. Which is the only "Spanish" piece to be written by a Spaniard?
A Capriccio Espagnol
B Carmen
C L'heure espagnol
D Goyescas
6.Octatonic scales are made up of alternating half steps and whole steps.
A True
B False
7. All of the following composers are associated with waltzes except:
A Tchaikovsky
B Ravel
C Brahms
D Bruckner
8. All of the following composers wrote works on the subject of Romeo and Juliet except:
A Prokofiev
B Tchaikovsky
C Shostakovich
D Bernstein
9.All of the following composers were also famous orchestral conductors except:
10. Symphonic tone poems were written by all of the following except:

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