Monteverdi Test

1. Monteverdi spent the first part of his career in the employ of which family?
A Gonzaga
B Sforza
C Medici
D Plantagenet
2. Monteverdi wrote in all of the following genres except
A madrigal
B motet
C opera
D oratorio
3. All of the following are operas by Monteverdi except:
A The Return of Ulysses
B The Coronation of Peppea
C La favola d'Orfeo
D Orfeo ed Eurydice
4. Monteverdi spent the last part of his career in the employ of:
A tthe Gonzaga family
B the city of Cremona
C the city of Florence
D the church
5. The chief source of wealth in northern Italian cities in the Renaissance was
A works of art
B textiles
C glass
D wool
6.Monteverdi wrote more secular music than
A True
B False
7. All of the following are characteristic of Monteverdi's Vesper music except:
A It shared some style characteristics with opera.
B The contained hymns.
C The contained settings of the Psalms.
D They were sung by large choirs with at least 4 singers per voice part.
8. Monteverdi died in which city?
A Venice
B Mantua
C Cremona
D Rome
9. All of the following statements about hymns are true except:
AThey are newly composed.
BThey have their origins in the Greek Orthodox service.
CThey are based on a pre-existing chant.
DThey could be included in Vesper services.
10. The predominating texture in Monteverdi's opera is:

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