Guillaume de Machaut

1. Machaut's employer, killed in the Battle of Crecy, in 1346 was:
A John of Bohemia
B Charles the Bad
C John, Duke of Berry
D William I of Aquitaine
2. The secular love songs of Machaut espouse the ideals of
A the Benedictine order
B the court of Henry II
C the Roman Catholic church
D courtly love and chivalry
3. All of the following are characteristic of Machaut's virelai except:
A use texts on the subject of love
B use refrains
C monophonic
D written for four voice parts
4. Machaut served in as all of the following except:
A secretary
B poet
C canon
D physician.
5. The chief enemy of France during the early 14th century was
A Bohemia
B England
C the Pope
D the Teutonic knights
6.Machaut wrote more secular music than sacred
A True
B False
7. Machaut's most important sacred work, the Notre Dame Mass, is characterized by all of the following except:
A it is the first unified setting of the Ordinary
B it is written for four voices
C the Gloria and the Credo are set syllabically in general
D the is accompanied by pipe organ with an independent part

8. Machaut was born in and died the same city which is the site of the cathedral in which French were crowned. That city is:
A Rheims
B Paris
C Calais
D Orleans

9. Machaut survived what 14th century catastrophe?
AThe Thirty Years War
BThe Little Ice Age
CThe Black Death
DThe Battle of Crecy

10. Machaut's love songs followed in the tradition of the

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