19th and 20th Century Choral Music

1. Berlioz, Verdi, Bruckner, Lizst and Wolf wrote large, Romantic settings of the Requiem Mass.

2. Brahms' Requiem uses only the traditional Latin texts.

3. Dvorak and Mendelssohn were strongly influenced by the English choral tradition.

4. The Cecilian movement in sacred music in the 19th century was centered in England.

5. In their sacred choral works Rossini and Verdi abandoned their operatic style and looked back to the a capella writing of the 16th century.

6. Romantic oratorios looked back to model of the works of Palestrina.

7. Oedipus Rex is an oratorio by Stravinsky that looks back to Baroque models.

8. Joan of Arc at the Stake and King David are oratorios by the Swiss Neo-classic composer Poulenc.

9. Arvo Pärt uses the Baroque oratorio as a model for his later works.

10. The 'tintinnabuli' style in late 20th century choral music is associated with John Rutter.

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